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Systematic & disciplined approach to Internal Audit according to the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).

Outsourcing / Co-sourcing Internal Audit

Establishment of Internal Audit Functions

Development of Internal Controls System

Assessment of Internal Controls System 

Lila Rapti
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Economical & Political Sciences, School of Economics
Ministry of Finance register of Internal Auditors for the non listed State Organisations

Member | 2012

The Institute of Internal Auditors (I.I.A.)

Member | 2012

Hellenic Institute of Internal Auditors (H.I.I.A.)

Elected Member of the Board of Directors | 2016-2019

Member | 2012

Interlife Insurance Company S.A.

Head of Internal Audit | 2014-2017

Thessaloniki Central Market S.A.

Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors | 2018-2019

Head of the Audit Committee | 2018-2019

Voreioelladiki Stock Exchange Company

Head of Internal Audit | 1999-2004

Compliance Officer | 1999-2004

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